JSC Result 2021 Bangladesh All Education Board

JSC Result Bangladesh All Education Board. JSC examination is the largest public examination in Bangladesh. Although a student has to sit for PSC before, JSC is the first exam which a student needs to participate in through the center. That is why everyone is afraid of this test. All the students go through a lot of concerns about how the results will be published, what will be the standard for reviewing the answer script etc. Because of this, they have to suffer from anxiety about the JSC Result 2021. But as a senior, I would say that you do not need to be so much worried about the JSC Result 2021. Forget everything and do your normal job regularly. You would obviously get your expected result according to your performance.

JSC Result 2021 Bangladesh

Now those who evaluate the JSC answer script are very generous and prudent while evaluating the answer script. They value good writing well enough. And since it is the first public examination, the instruction from the Ministry of Education is also to be generous while watching the script. And you are probably wondering how you would see the JSC result. There is no such thing to worry much about this as we are to help you out. Simply just follow each of our steps. Then you would get your JSC results sitting at your home.

About JSC & JDC Exam

JSC examination practice has not been started for a long time. The first public examination was held in the tenth class in the past. But the government has now introduced the first public examination in the 8th class. The name of this exam is the Junior School Certificate (JSC). Those students who passed this JSC Result 2021 get academic transcripts and certificates. In the future time in the education life, the result of this examination is highly evaluated. The government has also introduced the Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examination for the Madrasha. The standard of this examination is also JSC equivalent. Every year on 1st November, JSC and JDC exams are held across the country. JSC examination is held under the 9 education boards and JDC examination is held under the Madrasha board. The results are published in the first month of the end of the examination.

JSC Scholarship Result 2021

Name of the Organization Bangladesh Education Board
Education Authority Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
Exams Organized by DSHE Junior School Certificate (JSC) Exam

Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) Exam

Official Website http://www.dshe.gov.bd/


JSC Result Publish Date Bangladesh

JSC and JDC exams have already been conducted all over the country. Now you are all waiting for when the results will be published. We are serious about taking the information related to this matter from different sources. But we are sorry to say that no specific date to publish this year JSC exam result has yet been announced. However, it is expected that you will get your desired results published on any day in the last week of December. We will update here as soon as any notice regarding this from the Ministry of Education is published. In this gap, you can visit your relatives and other places. Remember, the winter season is the ideal time to travel around. JSC Result 2021 publish Date

Check : JSC Result 2021

Examination Name JSC ( Junior School Certificate) Exam 2021
Exam Dates 1st November 2021 to 17th November 2021
JSC Result 2021 Date 31st December 2021
JSC Scholarship Result 2022 Date March 2022 (Possible date)
  • JSC result 2021 will publish on 31st December 2021
  • JSC result 2018 will publish on 24th December 2018
  • JSC result 2017 was announced on 30th December 2017
  • JSC Exam result 2016 was announced on 29th December 2016

How To Check JSC Result 2021 BD

Your head is now full of thinking regarding the result after the end of your exam. And you are also thinking about how you would surprise everyone by knowing the results before others. Considering such of your thoughts, we are here with our guidelines on how can you easily get your JSC Result 2021. If you follow our guidelines, you will be able to find out your JSC results sitting in your home. We will discuss in detail related to the possible ways to see the result. This year JSC and JDC results will be available in 3 ways. Those are:

    • Online System
    • Through SMS
    • Through Android Apps

We will now give you more detailed information about how to find out the results in each way.

Check JSC Result 2021 Online

The easiest way to find out the JSC result is to see it through the internet. It is not difficult to do so. For that, you need to have an internet connection and a mobile/computer. The Ministry of Education publishes your results from two different official sites. Those sites are:

জেএসসি পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট 2021

  1. educationboardresults.gov.bd
  2. eboardresults.com
  3. jscresultbd.com
  • Method to view results from www.educationboardresults.gov.bd : First, visit the site. Then you will be asked to provide some information. Select the exam type JSC / JDC / equivalent. After that, provide your passing year 2021. Then enter the roll number, registration number to the empty box. You will get an empty box below to add. Enter the sum of the two numbers in the empty box. After that, click on the submit button and you will get the results of your JSC exam within a few moments.
  • Method to view results from eboardresult.com: This site is also the official site of the Ministry of Education. You can view your full result including your mark sheet here. Click on the SSC / HSC / JSC / equivalent results by visiting the site. Then select the Examination type JSC / JDC. Provide the year 2021. Then select your board and provide the result type in the below box ‘individual’. Then type the roll number and the captcha properly and then click on the ‘get result’. You will get your results in a few moments.

JSC Result By Mobile SMS

You can also get the result through mobile if you want. It is also a lot easier task. If you want to get your result via SMS, go to your message option from any operator SIM and type


Here, the JSC is the exam name and DHA is the first 3 letters of Dhaka Board. Write the first 3 letters of the board under which you have participated in your exam. Then write your roll number and send it to 16222.

And for the JDC, type


Procedure To Check JSC Result 2021 By Android APP

Now it is easier to see the results of JSC in the era of Android. At first, go to the Play Store of your android mobile and search writing JSC result. Then download and install the first app in the search result. Once the app is installed, then open the app and click on the SSC / HSC / JSC / equivalent results. Then select the board and passing year and then select the result type ‘individual’. After that, you will get the option to provide your roll number. Type your roll number and then click on the ‘get result’. If you provide all the information, then the app will find out your results.

JSC Exam Result 2021 All Education Board

Hopefully, you all have been informed about all the methods of the JSC results so far. We have presented all the information putting our best efforts so that you can easily find out your results. Our job has not ended yet. Now we will discuss on board wise result. This year, the JSC and JDC examinations have held under 9 general education boards and Madrasha education board. We are feeling the necessity to write something about the results of each board. For that, all the matter will become more specific and easy to you. So, I will let you know all the details of the results of all the boards.

JSC Exam Routine 2021

JSC Exam Result Barisal Board

JSC examination has been held this year also under the Barisal Board. The junior students of greater Barisal division participate in the examination under this board. This year, a lot of students have sat for the JSC examinations from Barisal division. All the examinees are juveniles and they have colorful dreams in their eyes. They are counting the days with a lot of dreams full of their eyes that when their result will be published. I would like to say those who want to know the result that you all will get your result of Barisal Board on the same day with other boards at the same time. You would be able to get your result through the methods which I have mentioned above. We have written a separate article on the JSC results of Barisal Board. There you can find more detailed information about the result of this board.

The website link of Barisal board: www.barisalboard.gov.bd

JSC Result 2021 Chittagong Board

The Chittagong Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board is a very old education board of the country. It is one of the largest education boards in the country. Basically, this board consists of Chittagong districts and its surrounding districts of the areas. This year’s JSC examination already has been held in Chittagong Board. All the JSC examinees of the Board which is surrounded by hills are now counting the days to get the result of this board. At the same time, many are spending their time with a fear that would they pass in the exam? As the senior, I would say that keep away these thoughts from your head. Your result will be published shortly after a few days. You will also make the good results as like as everyone else. The result of this board will be published simultaneously with all other boards. For more information regarding the Chittagong Board JSC Result, please have a look at another article here.

The official website link of Chittagong Board: bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd/

JSC Exam Result Comilla Board

Many of you get shocked when you hear the name of the Comilla Board no matter which exam you have participated for. It is heard that the answer scripts of this board are evaluated in a little tough way. The candidates who are waiting for the JSC result of Comilla Board are very worried about it. At the same time, they are also worried about when the results will be published. Both of your worries are not that much worthy. This is because the Comilla Board has always been evaluating the merit in the right way. And the result will be published within a few days. Try to know everything beforehand about how you would see your JSC results. To see the results, you need to visit the education ministry website online. You would get a more detailed guideline regarding this in another article of Comilla Board JSC result.

The official website of Comilla Board: comillaboard.portal.gov.bd

JSC Result 2021 Dhaka Board

Dhaka Board is the main education board of the country. Basically, the rest of the general education boards are controlled from Dhaka Board. From this board, the highest numbers of candidates in the country take part in the JSC examination. The best schools in the country are also under this board. So, everyone is excited about the Dhaka board JSC results. As the candidates of the Country’s best board and country’s best school students, your expectation is also very high. But do you know how to see the JSC results of the Dhaka Board? If you do not know, then be informed that there is no separate system to see the results of the Dhaka Board. Similar to all other boards, you can view your results from the website of the education ministry. View the full tutorial of JSC result of Dhaka Board here.

The official website link of Dhaka Board: https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/

JSC Result 2021 Jessore Board

Basically, the candidates of Khulna division sit for the JSC exam under the Jessore board. So how was your JSC exam this year? Hopefully, you all have done well. Now you are waiting for a nice result. You will be happy to know that your most desired results will be published within a few days. On that day you will get the output of your hard work for the whole year. The JSC result of Jessore Board will also be published along with other boards in the last week of December. But do you know how would you get the result of this board? If you do not know, then let us inform you that you would get the results of Jessore board online or through SMS. You can see more information about Jessore Board result here.

The official website link of Jessore Board: https://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd

JSC Result Mymensingh Board

This is the first time JSC examination under the Mymensingh Board has been held. You all have a lot more tension regarding the result as the new board. Not only the students but also the guardians are passing the worried time thinking how the answer script would be evaluated, how the grading would be done, how would be the passing rate and so on. We would like to say that there is nothing to worry about this a lot. You will surely see on the result publication day that you have made the good results. Though it is the new board, all the works will be done following the education ministry procedures. As usual, the result of Mymensingh Board JSC exam will be available through online and SMS. You can see here for more detailed instructions on this new board’s JSC results. There we have explained all the information making easy for everyone.

The official website link of Mymensingh Board: www.mymensingheducationboard.gov.bd

JSC Result 2021 Rajshahi Board

Under the Rajshahi Board, a large number of students took part in the JSC exam. These teenage students are having a lot of dreams regarding the result. So we have come up with a detailed guideline for you on the JSC results of Rajshahi Board so that you can capture these colorful dreams easily. Your results will be published in the last week of December along with other boards. You would get your result as usual through the internet and SMS. Read more detailed and full instructions of Rajshahi Board JSC result here.

The official website link of Rajshahi Board: www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd

JSC Exam Result Sylhet Board

There are comparatively fewer candidates for the JSC examination under Sylhet board. Though the candidates are less, we cannot ignore their demands. If we do not guide them with the JSC results then where will they get the results? Yes, you can easily get the results like the students of other boards. To get the JSC results of the Sylhet Board, try the way we have described it at the beginning. If you still cannot understand, then just see our detailed tutorial on the JSC results of Sylhet board.

The official website link of Sylhet board: https://sylhetboard.gov.bd

 JSC Result 2021 Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur education board is the 2nd new education board in the country. Like the rest of the boards in the country, this year’s JSC examination under this board has been also held. Many do not even know how to get the results after the exam. We have written a separate review on the JSC results of Dinajpur Board. You can see your result from the internet or you need to send SMS from the mobile. See the instructions at the top of this article to see the results online.

The website link of Dinajpur Board: www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd

JDC Result Madrasah Education Board

Although it is the JSC examination in the general education boards, this is the JDC examination under the Madrasha Board. But the values of the two exams are the same. The results of the students of Madrasha Board are always good. Hopefully, you will get the title of the best board in the country based on the JDC result. You have to follow the same procedures to get the result of JDC similar to JSC which we have shown above. Even if you do not understand then just see the article about the JDC result 2021 Madrasha Board only.

The official website link of the Madrasha Board: www.bmeb.gov.bd

PSC Result 2021

Final Words

Dear JSC and JDC students, we have tried our best to present everything making easy in front of you. We hope you have understood our full tutorial. Hopefully, we have been able to make you remove all your confusions regarding the JSC Result 2021. Now is the time for you to relax. You will see that you have made a good result. We wish you can make everyone smile full of their face by getting an excellent result.