The Dhaka Education Board is the country’s main education board. It can be said that all the decisions related to inter-board JSC exams come from Dhaka Board. Under this board, most JSC candidates take part in the examination. As the country’s best education board, the JSC examination candidates of the Dhaka Board are a little more excited about the results. They want to know all the information about the result beforehand. We welcome their demand and have come up with the JSC result 2019 Dhaka board tutorial. Those who want to know the JSC result 2019 Dhaka board can follow our full guidelines. Thus, you can get all the information related to the result.

Many people thought that JSC result of the Dhaka Board is usually very difficult. It is, of course, a mythical discussion. There is no basis for this idea. The most knowledgeable teachers are there under the Dhaka Board. They will evaluate your answer sheet in the correct way. So if your exam is good then there is nothing to worry about the result. Since there is a little more time to publish the results, in this gap, you can know the information about how to see the JSC results of the Dhaka Board.


JSC Result Dhaka Education Board

Dear all the younger brothers and sisters expecting for the results of Dhaka board, how was your exam? Do you know that the results will be published some days later? Do you know how to see JSC results of the Dhaka board? Do you have any preparation on how to see the result? If all the answers are negative, then be ready to read our guideline now.

Then you can get answers to all the questions mentioned above. Our today’s discussion is about the JSC results of the Dhaka board. We will talk about all the means of publication of results and how to get results. Now take a look at how to see the results.

JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board Online

You can collect JSC results of Dhaka board online. And that is also a very easy job. The websites which will publish the JSC results of Dhaka board are as follows.

You can visit this website first. Then select the JSC / JDC exam. In the following box, there is the ‘Year’ option. Give it 2019 from the drop-down menu. Then select the board. You have to select the Dhaka board from the menu. Then click on the submit button after providing the roll number, registration number, and sum. Then you will get your JSC result. You will get a lot more detailed tutorials on how to see the results online. Besides, you can also have a look at how to see the result with the mark sheet from our guideline.

JSC Result 2019 Download

Dhaka Board JSC Result Mobile SMS

The authority of Dhaka Education Board also publishes results through SMS for you. If you want, you can know the result by sending SMS from any mobile. And this is not a difficult task at all. Just after following some simple steps, you will get full results on your mobile. Those who want to get the results of the Dhaka Board through SMS can go to the message option of your mobile and type

JSC DHA Roll Number 2019 and then send to 16222

Example: JSC DHA 12345698 2019 > 16222

Here is the more detailed tutorial on getting the JSC Result through SMS of Dhaka board


Recently, a new website has been introduced and web-based results are being published. The big advantage of web-based results is that you will get full results with the mark sheet. You can even collect the results of the whole organization together. to see the web-based result, visit

You may get confused after entering the site. So we will explain each section separately here.

SSC / HSC / JSC / equivalent result: To see the Dhaka board JSC result, you have to first click on this link.

Exam: Then the page that will come after this will contain the exam option at first. Select JSC / JDC from the drop-down menu.

Year: Select the year 2019.

Board: Select the Dhaka Board from the drop-down menu.

Result type: Select the result type ‘Individual’.

Roll: Enter the roll number of the JSC in the free space on the front.

Registration: This is optional. If you want, you can provide. It is also alright if you do not provide this.

Security Key: You will see some twisted writing in front of this box. Try to understand those writing and type on the free space on the front. Then click on the ‘Get Result’ and finally you will get your JSC result.

Final Words

We have explained all the ways by which you can get your JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board. Now you have no tension about JSC result 2019 Dhaka board. Now your wait is only when the results will be published. Hopefully, you will be able to make everyone smile on the result publication day. It is all for today and we wish your bright future.