JSC examination 2018 is coming nearer to all gradually. Everyone is busy with taking preparation for the exam. So how is your preparation for the exam? Surely, you have started your study very well. We have come to put the air on your side of the JSC English first paper suggestion. Here we have come up with the JSC English Suggestion 1st Paper to assist you to take the preparation more easily. We are going to provide you with an effective suggestion in the shortcut way. Hopefully, you will get a lot of benefits from this suggestion. In the JSC English Suggestion 1st Paper , there will have some features that will make it easy for you to take a good preparation. Actually, the English first paper is a little hard subject. It is hard to do the good result here if you do not take the preparation well. So you have to prepare yourself perfectly in the night before the test.

It is necessary to answer the questions to your answer script in the exam hall carefully. You should not start your answering just after getting the question paper in your hand. First, take a look at the whole question once. Then write the answers to those questions which you are good at writing. This will not let you waste your time. Likewise, you can give more answers by answering sure questions. So let us not enhancing this discussion further and give you the suggestion of the English first paper.

JSC English Suggestion 1st Paper (All Boards)

The name of English first paper is a horrific name for the JSC examination candidates. An earlier analysis of the results showed that most students dropped out because of English first paper. So you should prepare well in this subject. After following some techniques, it is possible to do very good in English. For that, you will have to read and understand everything without memorizing it in the traditional way. You have to take special preparation based on every chapter. To make your preparation easier, we will present a possible suggestion here. In the suggestion, we will recommend those questions which are very likely to come to the exam. Hopefully, our suggestions will cover 70-80% questions of the exam. We did not give a shortcut suggestion rather we have provided a detailed suggestion. This is because we believe that there is no shortcut way for success. That is why we made the JSC English Suggestion 2018 1st Paper in the PDF file. You can also download JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion and JSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion .

Why English 1st Paper Suggestion Is Needed

There is no alternative to the suggestion to do better in the exam. This is because the suggestion is something like a teacher. As the teacher will give you the necessary guidance about the exam, so the suggestion will do the same. It is not easy to shorten questions for the exam from the huge textbooks. The JSC English 1st Paper Suggestion will do that for you. Then you will study according to the JSC English suggestion. The main fact is that there is a great need for the suggestion to do a good JSC Result 2018. So now take a look at the suggestion of your JSC English first paper.

English First Paper Question Pattern JSC Exam

Maybe you all are somewhat worried about the question. We want to assure you that the question of your JSC exam will be just like you have participated in the mid-term exams. Total number allocation for English first paper will be 100. There will be two parts for that 100 mark. There will be 50 marks for the reading exam and 50 marks for the writing exam.

Mark Distribution of English First Paper

For the sake of your well understanding, we will discuss different parts of the mark distribution here. Readings Test Total Marks 50

  1. There will be 25 marks in the seen passage. There are 4 types of questions. Those are
  • There will be 5 marks for the correct answer.
  • You will need to answer 5 small questions, for which the allocation of the mark is 10.
  • There are 5 marks to fill in the blank question.
  • There are 5 marks for data transfer.
  1. There are total 50 marks for unseen passage. Under this, you have to answer 3 types of questions. Those are
  • You have to write a passage summary for which the allocated marks are10.
  • For matching, complimenting sentence, the number allocation is 5.
  • For sentence rearrangement, the number allocation is 10.

There are 50 marks allocated for the writing test. There will be 5 questions in it. Those are mentioned here

  • 10 marks for dialogue writing.
  • 10 marks for paragraph writing.
  • 10 marks for completing story writing.
  • 10 marks for describing graph/chart.
  • 10 marks for letter/email writing.

JSC English Suggestion Download

Mark Distribution of English First Paper

 JSC English First Paper Suggestion 2018

There were so many discussions so far. The original discussion is not yet started. But at this moment it is expected that you have known about the type of question. Now we will give you suggestions. But we would like to say that do not depend fully only on our suggestion. You will have to emphasize your textbooks also. Download our Exclusive JSC English 1st Paper Suggestion now. After downloading it will be open with any PDF reader. Then mark those in the textbook. We do not want to let you expect more with a shortcut suggestion like others. This is because success is not achieved without effort. So we have provided the suggestion here making it a little bigger. Hopefully, this suggestion will be of great help to you. And yes, you can also take a look at the JSC exam routine at this gap.

Seen comprehensions:

  • NakshiKatha is a…………….(U-1.L-2)
  • Communication of ideas ………(U-9.L-3)
  • The word ‘hygiene`…happy life…..(U-3.L-3)
  • Shamima’s misery……………………..(U-5. L-3)
  • Health is the condition ……………..(U-3 .L-1)
  • River gypsies in………………………..(U-7. L-3)
  • Once upon a time…………………(U-5. L-5)
  • Bangladeshi cuisine …………………(U-1. L-5)
  • A six year old boy…………………….(U-8. L-1)
  • Zara live with………………………..(U-6. L-1)
  • At the farthest corner……………..(U-5.L-3)
  • The ethnic people in…………………(U-1.L-3&4)

Unseen comprehensions:

  • JoynulAbedin was……1976 in Dhaka.
  • The Nobel Prize is….. Inventing X-ray.
  • John Donne was ….prose piece.
  • Begum Rokeya was … in to a deep gripe.
  • The moon is … to the spaceship.
  • The great ship Titanic … been flooded.
  • Mather Teresa … for humanity.
  • Marconi was in … in 1937.
  • Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir.
  • Albert Einstein
  • Ferdousi, the great poet.
  • Jinananda Das was.
  • Rabindranath Tagore.
  • George Washington.
  • Lord Byron Was

JSC Rearrange suggestions

1. Queen Victoria C.B.-169. Socrates
2. A thirsty crow … R.B.1610. Robert Bruce
3. Androcles..R.B.-1511. Kazi Nazrul Islam
4. Zainul Abedin R.B.1512. Sheikh Saadi
5. Alfred Nobel13. Astrologer
6. Taimur14. A Lion and a mouse
7. Hatem Tai15. Hazrat Abdul QuaderZilani
8. Alexander


1. Environment Pollution08. Price Hike
2. Traffic Jam09.Renewable Energy
3. Load-shedding10. A Farmer
4. A Book Fair11. A rickshaw- Puller
5. Tree Plantation12. A Winter Morning
6. Climate Change13. A Rainy Day
7. Our School Library14. Pastime

Completing a Story

  • Robert Bruce
  • Hazrat Abdul QuaderZilani.
  • Bayazid’s love for his mother
  • Unity is Strength
  • Sheikh Saadi
  • An Honest woodcutter and the Beautiful
  • A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  • Slow and steady wins
  • A Greedy farmer
  •  A sly Fox and a Foolish Crow
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Describing Graphs / Chart

a) A graph shows the number of Telephone and mobile phone users in Bangladesh. Highlight and summarize the information given in the graph.

b) The pie chart shows the percentages of students of a secondary school in different subjects. Highlight and summarize the information given in the graph.

c) The graph shows the percentage of the number of Internet users in towns and villages from 2010 to 2014. Highlight and summarize the information given in the graph.

JSC English 1st Paper Suggestion  (Writing informal letters)

  1. Write a letter to your friend – Congratulate him/ her on his/her success in the examination.
  2. Advise him to give up smoking.
  3. describe your country / Bangladesh and her people.
  4. About picnic.
  5. Thank him for the hospitality.
  6. Describe the food and food habits in Bangladesh.
  7. What you intend to do after the JSC Examination /In the vacation.
  8. Thank him for the gift/ present.
  9. Describe the importance of reading newspaper.
  10. Describing prize giving ceremony.

Question No 11 (or) Write an e-mail inviting your friend –

  • To join your birthday party/marriage ceremony.
  • Request one to send necessary information through e-mail.
  • Send an e-mail to learn more information about debate competition.
  • Congratulating your friend on his brilliant success.
  • To request returning book.
  • E-mail to the railway clerk asking to book ticketing.

12. Writing short dialogues

  1. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about
  2. The preparation for the coming HSC Examination.
  3. The importance of reading newspaper.
  4. The importance of Physical Exercise.
  5.  How to eradicate illiteracy problem.
  6. Merits and demerits of using mobile phone/facebook.
  7. The bad effects of copying in the exam.
  8. Future plan of life.
  9. Between Patient and doctor.
  10. How to improve skill in English.
  11. Bad effects of smoking.

Final Thinking

Hopefully, you have been able to download our suggestions. After downloading, follow the suggestion carefully. If the suggestion can give the coverage, you will get 80-90% common in the exam. Because the suggestion we have given after considering a lot of things. Our hard work will be paid off only when you can inspire yourself in its light. We always want you to do a nice result and get all the praises from others. As the mentor, our job is to make your preparations become easier. Because of which we have given the JSC English Suggestion 1st Paper today. Well, it is all for today. See you soon with some other suggestions.