Many people think that Bangla second paper is a very easy subject. But the fact is not like that at all. Bangla second paper is quite a difficult subject. Here, a lot of the complicated rules of Bengali grammar are discussed. Many people give the wrong answer getting trapped by the grammar. As a result, the mark is decreased. Moreover, the Bengali grammar is such a vast that it is quite difficult to take preparation without suggestion. We have come up here with the Jsc Bangla 2nd paper suggestion tutorial so that you do not have to face any problem in preparing Bangla second paper.

So you do not have to do much to get the JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion 2018. Just download a PDF file and it will do all. There, you will get all the details. We would just not discuss the suggestions, we would also like to discuss the exam methods as well. For this, you will know the question pattern and you will also get the short syllabus with it. Now, we would like to start the discussions about the suggestion of Bangla second part. Take a quick look at our whole tutorial.


JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion

In fact, without preparation, it is quite difficult to take preparation for Bangla second part. This is because you will get so little time for the objective questions that there is no chance of matching the rules of grammar. It is seen that a lot of times pass to answer after matching the rules of the Bengali grammar. That is why it is not possible to answer the full question. But in the JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion 2018, there are model questions with probable questions to come in the exam. Students can memorize the MCQ for that. Then the students can answer immediately after seeing the question.

JSC Routine 2018 PDF Download

Here the suggestion of Bangla second paper is very effective. In addition to this, without considering other things, it is not the wise work to take the preparation without suggestion. All the possible questions have been included in the suggestion that we are going to present here. The suggestion has been prepared in the light of the previous board exam questions. So, we are hopeful that you will get the 90% common question from our recommendations suggestion. You can also have a look at the math suggestion and English first paper suggestion as well. Let’s Download JSC Bangla 1st paper Suggestion from here.

Why Is Bangla Second Paper Suggestion Needed?

Well, suppose, you want to go away somewhere you do not know anything at all. So if you go there alone you will have to face a lot of troubles. But if you take someone with you who already knows the place, then you can safely reach there without any hassle. Such is the case with the suggestion. You will not be able to find out anything about how you can complete your textbook. You do not know anything about how the questions will be asked, which questions may come in the examination etc. Suggestions will rescue you from this situation. Suggestions will guide you through the outline of the exam. At the same time, it will tell you which questions are likely to come in the examination. Now, hopefully, you understand the importance of suggestion for Bangla second paper.

Question Pattern Of The JSC Bangla Second Paper

Before you see the suggestions, you need to know the questions pattern of Bangla second paper. Otherwise, you will get confused in the exam hall after getting the question paper. So it is better to know beforehand what question will possibly come, what will be the question type, what will be the mark distribution of the question etc. For that, you will not have to get embarrassed in the exam hall. In the JSC, the mark of Bangla second paper has been reduced to 50. For the descriptive part, the mark is 30 and for the MCQ part, the mark is 20. Below is the detail of mark distribution and question pattern of each part.

JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion 2018

JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Short Suggestion 2018

JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion and Question Patterns 2018-3

JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion and Question Patterns 2018-4

JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion and Question Patterns 2018-5

JSC Bangla Second Paper Marks Distribution

Bangla Second Letter Total Number 50

  1. MCQ part has got the allocation of 20 marks. There will be 20 multiple objective questions from the grammar. Every question must be answered. The value of each question is 1.
  2. The objective part has got the allocation of 30 marks. There are a total of 5 questions here to answer. The list of questions type of each question has been given below.
  • There will be given two summary/synopsis. You have to answer any one of the questions. Mark is 5.
  • There will be two expansions to expand. You can answer any of the questions you like. The value of the question is to 5 marks.
  • There will be two passages for paragraph/understanding. Your job is to write the paragraph of any one. The number for this will be 5.
  • There will be one letter and application. You can answer what you like. The value of the question is 5.
  • There will be three essays with signals. You can write any one of the essays as your own choice. The number allocation for that are 10.

JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Marks Distribution

Download JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion

After taking the test of your patience, we have finally focused on the main topic. Yes, your waiting is over and we would like to give you the suggestions now. Our suggestion is in the PDF form. Now download the suggestion of Bangla second paper from here. But we would like to say you something. Our suggestions do not give you the guarantee that you will get 100% common. No one can actually give the 100% guarantee except the person who makes the question. So, you have to make preparation out of the suggestion too.

[Short Suggestion will be update soon….]

Ending Thought

Dear JSC students, if you want to have the good results, then you have to study very well. There is no shortcut way of gaining success. We have prepared a suggestion after arranging the syllabus in a beautiful way here. We have taken opinions of experienced people while preparing suggestions.

You should prepare for the JSC exam in light of the suggestion. Besides, you should read your textbooks also. And another thing we would like to tell you all that do not question out before the exam. It is kind of cheating on your talents. We have provided the Jsc Bangla 2nd paper suggestion and your task is to mark those in the textbook. Apart from this, learn the basic rules of Bengali grammar with it. Hopefully, you will succeed in Bangla second paper.