In our education system, the results of the JSC exam are published in the grading system. The grading system seems too complicated for many. So today we will make you clear about all the concepts of the grading system. By reading our instruction you can find out the grade point of any student yourself. The JSC grading system is basically similar to that of the SSC and HSC. Total grade points are divided by the total subjects. However, due to the addition of additional subject, it seems very difficult to many. But if you think it on a cold head, it is not difficult at all.

This year’s JSC results will be published in a few days later. Before that, you can know the grading system. You can calculate an estimated GPA by guessing how much number in each subject you may get. Those who want to know about the grading system of JSC please read our full article attentively. This is because we did not miss anything in our discussion about grading. Let us now know all the information about JSC grading system 2019.


JSC Grading System 2019 in Bangladesh

After the start of the JSC exam, the results are being published in the grading system. In 2010, the first JSC examination was held in the country. In that sequence, the results are being published every year in the grading system. The grading system will remain the same system in the JSC exam in 2019. That means, the grading system will also be unchanged this year. The grading system in Bangladesh started in the year 2001 through the SSC examination. Then it is followed in the HSC and university level. But there are a lot of debates about the existing grading system. Because there is only one grade between the 80 to100 numbers so the merit of everyone is not being tested equally. This year’s JSC results will be published through 7 grades. Let us now know how many points in a given grade, which grade is for how much numbers, how to do the total GPA calculation etc.

JSC Routine 2019 PDF

How To Calculate GPA For JSC

It is a very easy task to calculate the GPA of JSC. It becomes easier because there will be no exam on additional subjects in the JSC exams of the year 2019. First, the grade points of all subjects will be summed up. Then the total will be divided by the total subjects. Thus you will get your GPA. A sample is shown here as an example. Suppose, you got the grade ‘A’ in Bengali, ‘A+’ in English, ‘A’ in mathematics, ‘B’ in science, ‘A+’ in Bangladesh and Word Introduction, ‘A+’ in Religious studies, ‘A-’ in ICT. Then your grade points will be 4 in Bangla, 5 in English, 4 in Mathematics, 3 in science, 5 in Bangladesh and Word Introduction, 5 in Religious studies, and 3.5 in ICT. Your total points are 4 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 3.5 = 29.5. Now we will divide 29.5 by 7. The result of the division is 4.21. This is your GPA which is grade ‘A’. You can see the table below to find out which grade consists of how many points, how many points in which grade.

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Class Eight/ JSC Grading System 2019

Many do not know how many marks make which grade, how many points in which grade etc. We have given a list for everyone to understand well. Hopefully, it will be clearer to everyone from now on.

Number Grade Point
80-100 A+ 5.00
70-79 A 4.00
60-69 A 3.50
50-59 B 3.00
40-49 C 2.00
33-39 D 1.00
00-32 F 00

JSC Result 2019 MarkSheet

JSC Exam Marks Distribution

The JSC exam number of 2019 has been re-arranged. In the new system, the mark has reduced by 200. The mark has reduced by 50 in each of the Bangla and English subject. And the examination of home economics and agricultural studies will not be held. So the mark of JSC reduced by 200 compared to last year. However, as before, there are objective systems. With this, 33% has been reduced from Bangla and English syllabus. Here is a list below of how many marks are allocated to each subject.

Subject Marks Last Year Marks
Bangla 1st and 2nd paper 100 150
English 1st and 2nd paper 100 150
Math 100 100
Science 100 100
Bangladesh and Word Introduction 100 100
Religion 100 100
ICT 50 50
Home Economics and Agricultural Studies No exam will be held from this year 100

Final Words

Hopefully, all your doubts have been erased from your mind regarding the JSC grading system. If you read the article attentively, it is easy to understand everything. Now you can find out your GPA by calculating yourself. We always present everything to you after making it simple. However, do not waste your time thinking about the grading system rather you should study well. Therefore you will get your expected GPA on the result publication day.